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i CON Solar Energies Pvt. Ltd.
Durga Enclave, Near SBI Kargi Chowk
Dehradun, Uttarakhand (UK), INDIA
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Greetings from i CON Solar Energies Pvt. Ltd.!

i CON Solar Energies Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Renewable Energy Products & Consultancy Services providers in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. i CON Solar Energies Pvt. Ltd. mainely deals in Water Heaters, Power Plants, Lighting Systems, Street Lighting Systems, Solar Inverter, Bio Gas, Renewable Energy , Project Consultants. Now a days Renewable energy provides 19% of electricity generation worldwide. Our aim is to reduce dependency on conventional energy sources and allow future generation to live comfortably without suffering on account of non-availability of power.
What is Solar Water Heater?

It is simple device which utilizes solar radiation and provides hot water at a temperature of 60-80oC for application such as bathing, cloth washing, dish washing, etc.

How does it work?

The Sun's rays fall on the collector panel (a component of solar water heating system). A black absorbing surface (absorber) inside the collectors absorbs solar radiation and transfers the heat energy to water flowing through it. Heated water is collected in a tank which is insulated to prevent heat loss. Circulation of water from the tank through the collectors and back to the tank continues automatically due to thermo siphon system.

Cost Effective Energy Saver Eco-Friendly Non-Pollutive Renewable
Source of Energy

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